I have known Raimondo as an NFS Healer for two years now.
As well as being a very effective healer (with him you can feel the energy moving) he has always given me very balanced advice and a positive outlook to deal with life’s ups and downs.
I have always left him with a feeling of hope.
Pascalle E.

Raimondo’s workshop was insightful, informative, and thoroughly enjoyable.
The depth of knowledge and sincerity was truly appreciated, I felt like a spiritual door had been opened.
A good listener and a considered and thoughtful approach to his work, a great healer.
Michaela O.

Since I started doing spiritual healing with Raimondo my life has changed completely.
A lot of issues of my childhood have been healed and I have a much more positive approach to life. I can express my real self freely.
I am more confident and happy. I remain calm even if I have to deal with difficult situations and generally my life is enriched and fulfilled.
Kallia L.

I completed Part One Reiki healing with Raimondo.
He was amazing, extremely patient, inspiring and very knowledgeable.
I am now looking forward to doing my Part Two and I know it will be very enjoyable.
Ann F.