People come to me for healing for various reasons. Its not that modern medicine does not work, it obviously does, it just that the remedy may not satisfy.

Suppose someone suffers from bad headaches, easily solved by having headache pills close to hand. But it does not solve why the person has headaches or what causes them to develop.

The person has to have the pills with them always, be aware that events and occasions can be spoilt by a head splitter, has to accept that they are controlled by something they don’t understand.

There is a big difference between healing a symptom (the headache) and healing what is wrong with the person. (Why they get headaches.)

That is what I do. Heal the person. I don’t see the client as a messy bag of chemical and hormonal processes but as a human being like me. A fellow child of God.

I practice healing through Reiki. I am trained to heal via contact or hands-on and from a distance. I am a full member of the UK Reiki Federation.

I am registered with the Healing Trust as a healer. You qualify for that by study, exams and lastly getting proof of at least three attested healings.

I also practice Champissage commonly known as Indian head massage. Its not healing per-se but extremely relaxing and calming. If you knew like me how many conditions and illnesses are caused or aggravated by tension and stress you would have a head massage on a regular basis.