Meditation instructions

As you have come to this web site its possible you are going through some distress or have a troubled life.

For this reason I have added some emergency meditation instructions to help calm you down

Find some tranquil music and listen to it. Really listen to it, try to immerse yourself in the gentle music. Keep your concentration on the music and as long as you focus on the music your worries, your concerns recede. With the music you are making a calming space between yourself and your troubles.
If necessary keep this music separate and special so that you can listen to it in the future to draw on this calming state.
A lot of what you are worrying about is based around fears that are in the “possible” future. Once you realise this you can deal with your fears.Fears are just that-fears. Fears are not results, or events. Just fears happening in your mind. Control your mind and control your fears.

A better practice to listening to music is to practice controlled breathing and relaxation. Then if you are away from your home and your music you can calm yourself. The breath and your inner states are intimately linked. If you think about this for just a moment you will see so many examples in your life.

Take yourself to somewhere quiet. Observe your breath flowing in and out for a minute or so. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply, hold the breath for a few seconds then expel, blowing out your worries. As you expel think about how your worries and upsets are leaving you.
Then start to breathe in calm. Continue breathing in calm and exhaling worries until you are settled and capable of looking at the problem sensibly.

Practice and learn this technique by doing it. It will help you throughout your life.